Have camera. Will travel.

When we do your photos, we can use my studio, a location of your choosing, or the comfort of your own home. I want you to be comfortable. I use a combination of natural lighting as well as studio lights to capture the image that we will create, which will then be something you will cherish for years to come!

My sessions are not rushed and can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, depending on what we are doing. I have some guidelines I like to use when doing your pictures. When children are being photographed, I understand (as I'm a mom, too), that we need to provide time for feedings, changes or "freedom breaks". Patience is the key when kids are involved.

When photographing newborns, I like them in very little to no clothes at all, allowing us to capture all the beauty of a newborn baby. Five to six days old is the optimum time to take these photos, while the baby is still so "new". They grow and change so quickly, so the earlier the better. If one of the parents can wear a black top, as I like to use them as a "backdrop" for a lot of the photos.

I always include engagement pictures in my wedding package, as it is the best way for the couple to get to know me, and for me to understand what they expect of me on their big day. I encourage couples to bring me their ideas, so that we can work together to produce the results that they want for their wedding pictures.

When I photograph animals, I find that they are the most comfortable in their own environments. We want to capture what that pet looks like to you, and it will always be more comfortable if it is in its own surroundings, making the portrait a true representation of your pet.

Finally, an avenue of photography that I really love to do is "intimate" portraits. I believe that all women need to be reminded that they are sexy and beautiful, irregardless of dress size or the numbers on their bathroom scale. There is nothing more rewarding than a woman's reaction to an intimate portrait of herself, where she sees herself the way the camera sees her. It also makes a great gift, a "for-his-eyes-only" portrait for a woman to give to the man in her life.

My pricing is competitive, I have a fee which includes everything that we agree upon when we have our initial consultation (which can be done in person, over the phone or through e-mail). There are no time or picture limits. I take as many pictures as I can, in the time we have together. I then edit them, and put them on a CD, which you can then take and print at your leisure. Please email me for price quotes.